Like the Playstation Portable, pspWvista is a no longer under development, it belongs to history as one of many "web portals" that were created between 2005-2010. It was one of the top PSP web portals with tens to hundreds of thousands of downloads.

The idea of pspWvista was to move pspWxp beyond the phenomena that it had become. Somewhat in the way Microsoft created Windows Vista to move beyond Windows Xp. The pspWvista project is designed to give users a stimulating html environment that acts, works and looks similar to Microsoft Windows Vista. pspWvista is going to change with the next public release, using the PSP system Radio player to expand the user experience. PSP Firmware 3.93+ required (5.00+ recommended). 

The PSP web browser presented a very unique and limited mobile web development platform with many opportunities for creative solutions. As such a unique community of budding web developers worked together to create amazing projects. This community fostered developmental growth and has lead many people into various computer science and design fields. All having a strong passion for technology and design.