GeoNoto was an application which helped to keep track of important location-aware notes, aka geo-fencing before it existed. 


Ever wanted to do something when you got home but once you got home you could not remember what you wanted to do? With GeoNoto you can create a custom location-aware note that alerts you when you get within 200m of that note! If just a simple note is not enough to remind you can also add a photo from your library or camera to the note! You can also add the note to your calendar which can let you be reminded on a certain date and time. In short this is a simple note taking app that can remind you based on location, with an image, and on a certain date and time.


  • Background location-aware notes (iOS 4.0+)
  • Add notes to your calendar for time based reminders
  • Add a photo to the note for a visual reminder
  • Add, edit and remove notes
  • Enable notifications, sounds and badges in settings
  • Enable or disable 'Enhanced accuracy' and 'Background location' in settings to preserve battery life
  • Universal app (works on iPhone and iPad)
  • Access the applications database of notes in iTunes (easy backup)
  • Unique user interface