New Surface

By Josh Stagg


During the day's browsing I ran into a Microsoft booth and had the chance to use the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. I started playing around having a fairly negative attidude as the previous surface had left a bad taste. This time around everything seemed to work, it was quick, it flowed and covers felt great. Not suprisingly a few hours later I can't stop thinking of how cool they would be in the correct use case. The Surface 2 would be the perfect device as a student, you get full access to the Office suite and the top apps you would need in class; Facebook, Twitter, PvZ, Internet.. :). The big value add is definitally the cover as they seemlessly belong to the device. As for the Pro 2, if you have to use windows everyday for work, this is the PC to have. In fact the sales women kept referring to the the Surface 2 as a tablet and the Surface Pro 2 as a laptop, even though they look and function identically. The Pro 2 would be great to use as the core portable machine in your life. Get to work and dock it in so you can use the old Windows functionalit. It left an impression of prefessionalism.

The part that really makes it sing is Windows 8.1, it fits perfectly. It provides that extra amount of functionality the normal Windows user needs without killing the trajectory Microsoft is aiming for of letting the Desktop disappear. I think the big help here is having used Windows 8 (and 8.1) for the past year I no longer have that intial hurdle of understanding the Modern interface to get over. I don't think the Surface and Windows 8 has yet reached the point where I would consider buying one over a Macbook Air, but if Microsoft can ramp up the iteration speed I can't wait to see Surface 3 and Windows 8.2 next year.