I like to think of myself as a well versed geek.

I actually can't remember when I first saw or used a computer, it was never anything out of the ordinary. I can thank my Dad for that as he has a life long passion for technology. In hindsight I haven't always been engulfed in technology, I tended to be a fairly creative youth building contraptions with anything I could get my hands on (primarily Lego). Both paths have been crucial to where I am today and where I'm going. A healthy dose of Sci-Fi helped, Star Trek and Star Wars are both awesome!

Yet perhaps the point in history that has lead me into daily software development is when I first started on pspWvista. Learning web development with no online tutorials, books, youtube, syntax highlighting or IDE's - say hello to notepad.exe.

A huge pain but a fucking brilliant experience.

Web development (and these days app development as well), allows me to incorporate a passion for how things work and how they look. Constantly making and breaking, all within an broad canvas as software rapidly needs to be everywhere.

I've grown up watching the internet evolve into the massive platform it is today, and I can't wait to help it step into the future. Software is key to a transition away from separate devices and silos of information that builds up the world right now. Software allows humans to evolve faster than biology, allowing us to reach beyond a constrained biological state and out into the universe.

As such the potential for wearable tech is mind wrinkling. The ability to instantly move between platforms having all of yourself communicate with various machines that are working to provide information to you just as you need it.

So who I am is a random summation of all that.

I hate being constrained. I hate having to wait. I love being focused on the future. The possibilities completely open. A blank page, cursor blinking.

In more ways than one I can't wait, in fact I usually don't.

There are many adventures that incorporate into our lives such that it doesn't make much sense to "stop and smell the roses"; there is always something to learn, invent, or program!